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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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plato is for possibly. is for claiming the 202250th anniversary here. welcome to global 3000. in colombia the indigenous me sank people have set up a school to protect their traditions and their natural environment. in india a village community plans $111.00 trees whenever a baby girl is born a custom that benefits society and the planet. but 1st to new zealand where sheep
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farmers are fed up with being blamed for climate change. the corona outbreak has reduced travel and industrial production and resulted in a dip in carbon emissions so in that sense it's actually improving the health of the planet but the environmental impact of animal agriculture for example remains massive. in 2016 global greenhouse gas emissions totaled $51.00 gigatons of which more than 7 gigatons were caused by meat and dairy companies. to meet the targets set by the paris climate agreement global greenhouse gas emissions have to be reduced to 13 gigatons by 2050 but if the meat and dairy industry continues down its current path its annual emissions are expected to exceed 10.5 gigatons with devastating impact on the climate in new zealand
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sheep farmers are coming under increasing public and political pressure. as far as the eye can see on what looks like boundless freedom for randall aspinall he's the 4th generation of sheep farmers a new zealand south island. farmers have always been valued in new zealand that the backbone of the country's economy. is appreciated she. said it was the. nationals. a favorite. around. seem to mount. climate change is shaking up this rural paradise sheep and cows are major producers of meat thing they generate one 3rd of all greenhouse gas emissions in new zealand suddenly farmers are seen as environmental sinners randall can see growing misunderstanding between people in the city and in the country. as most people in
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the cities knew had cousins had a farm and friends that had a phone. most people probably spent holidays on farms. where's that much as. the includes new zealand center left governments in this for example sheep and cows wading through rivers and possibly fouling the water doesn't fit with new zealand's clean image so many farmers now have to build fences along the waterways on their property. which farmers have become a political pawn says randall. in terms of. how to actually have been in opposition for more news centers of how they actually run a country actually run a business strategy from chinese is my. experience from me and so it sort of feels
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like there's a lot of stuff in. the aspinall's farm is located near one of the main hiking trails in mountain spiraling national park it's a unesco world heritage site. brothels wife alice ansel. i scream a dispatch so from a food truck here the family are trying to move into a better economic position. and i don't know what. right timing is for coming there are more constraints environmentally in smith really just like things so i just looking out the eyes to an alternative and common. this is just a really small stuff. towards the. lamb from the breath taking mountain regions of new zealand is a major export the government wants to cut meat and emissions from livestock by 10 percent by 2030 otherwise farmers will face penalties but how is this supposed to
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happen randall a c d worm says she musial and farmers are already producing in an ecologically sustainable way that would be hard to find anywhere else in the world. report is about a little but people not trying to run as many cities i tend. to call cities quite a bit more work on. a few of. them. are good. to default to be about more than somebody born into stuff and from the wealthiest. and we just want to provide a more consistent on a beautiful. democracy. this afternoon the aspinall's are taking a break from the sheep the family including grandma are having a day out on their own farm this is a playground of over 2000 hectares for the 2 children and even has
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a waterfall with a natural pool this is our johnny and josh are growing up typical in new zealand the next natural wonders never far away. this is not staying and. just give it time to thank you and the joy and delight and i think little bit yeah . no it's. all mine you get away got. used to it even now. you do just. that he said that every now and then use a look around all ages it's a pretty cool place to be living and working and they will very probably get up and enjoy it. it's not all rolling sheep postures and games of frisbee in the natural pool. for this new zealand farming family there are many new challenges but with views like this everyone can see why they choose this life.
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in oslo blind series we go to the andes in south america in colombia our reporter culture. met the indigenous music people who are determined to protect their cultural identity and their tradition of nature conservation. when the knees act indigenous people have important matters to discuss they always sit by the fire as 27 year old nestore explains is the most important place in the home. centers cast into the fire after all. but the ritual which joins us to the earth. you know we're going to leave you all leave for the cities rather than staying here to be no one who protects this area. and then our beliefs our language. culture will be lost.
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ness still wants to do something to prevent that together with his friends from the village he's a member of the associate. yes that's an association designed to keep local cultural traditions alive. everything in the garden was planted in the circle the peds around to here they cultivate plants that ancestors also used aloe vera and many others every plant here has its own special purpose. when women are menstruating we take the seeds and through. this helps us against the cold. this is a coal plant that's why when i use it to tackle a favor when i can and this is kind of it helps her stomach aches we also make an
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on it meant to treat arthritis for example but he sees. the medicinal use of cannabis which is being legalized in more and more countries has a long tradition among the muzak people though they don't use it as a narcotic the members of the association also want to pass on that botanical knowledge to children in the village to teach the younger generation what properties the plants have and why it's important for the means act to cultivate them themselves. it will put a lot of what my heart theatre group is called the magical tree and their play is about how we're destroying our environment over then you know it's about how important it is to protect our animals are plants and mood that's. going to get. some of the children playing music people fighting against
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environmental destruction. you know you. look here you can see some symbols this is a belt symbol it stands for the moon and here is the spiral it stands for the part that we miss tread. and the group was set up about 15 years ago. in the past nestore used to perform himself but now he directs the children. an armadillo i'm going to kill it and selfish but it. gradually all of the plants and animals are killed by the children who are playing the role of modern day individuals right down there.
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afterwards the association members meet in the communities heart they come together on a regular basis to sit around the fire and talk about old traditions but also about new developments in the community. that means that manage 70 head of land a vast area most of it is beyond the settlement and consists of pristine jungle they are determined to prevent deforestation. in the presence of us a lot of communities are destroyed by transnational companies and also the expansion of industrial agriculture. could. the land around the music community has already been cleared nature has been devastated by large
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scale cattle farming and also by gold silver and coal mining. many indigenous communities in the calcutta valley a still suffering from the fallout of the colombian conflict the decades long war between the government paramilitary groups and communist guerrillas fock drug cartels add to the tension one 3rd of colombia is indigenous territory deadly violence is widespread in november 2900 there were 19 homicides in one week alone. those. leaders have been murdered or threats or using violence to hound people out of their communities. a school in the region of and below. in a condo is visiting as a representative of the autonomous indigenous university.
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it brings together students from various ethnic groups to bolster their cultures and join forces to improve their communities learning takes place in small groups. the seminar participants discuss what they can do to tackle the threats their communities face solidarity and cooperation between the indigenous groups is crucial you must get them was going to. make you part of this you know can we make our commanders a stronger so that we can't be forced out if we don't have a strategy we'll lose everything and that'll be it but then we got the general government child back in the me exactly. at the moment the situation is calm but while the threat posed by armed groups has receded environmental destruction is a growing problem. the children's play is almost over. and it has a happy end and means that brings new seeds for plants and breeds new life into the
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animals. the people are given a 2nd chance this time the plants and animals have a message for humanity. just so you climb the contour of the messenger of the sun king of the n.d. i dream of freedom at least let me live. from i'm the woodpecker and if we birds die there will be no more bird song and no more joy anybody. gets a lamb i'm the butterfly we want to spread our wings please don't clip them or. i make an armadillo please don't kill me. this week we find our visit to our living room in kenya.
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we went down. and. this is my main area this is where i spent most of the time in after walk after they had to walk my t.v. it does their work with my hands and i read it and i mean i love being black that's why in my house mostly it's black. my fastball livy my 2nd born andrew is that my
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backbone journey my for one it's. very grateful to god for interestingly be them. they make me feel more stronger and stronger every day. this is the. only leg hand so it's good she's also part of our family and. that i'm in love with my table very very much i'm a little technician but i also do this in the mean beauty industry and . i work to be had to get it that's why i treasure it very had it is one of the
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most expensive been that i have been this fit in the room. bye bye thank you for visiting me i'm happy you're welcome again and again. in india women are responsible for the family and household and play key roles in education and farming but families still value sons over daughters and sex selective abortions are widespread the result is a gender imbalance the country is missing 16000000 women one village is bucking the trend. a grandmother wields a pick axe sosa ranch but is planting the 1st tree for her baby granddaughter all
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of the families here follow the same ritual there are $111.00 trees for each newborn girl. made. when i was born my mother and father were very unhappy that i was a goal today we're planting a tree because we're happy when i go one if my parents had experienced this and i'm sure they would have been proud of me to. go a lot has changed in the village of people on tree thanks to shams under polly he came up with the tree planting idea 13 years ago back then and he was mayor today when proud parents introduce him to their newborn girl he can barely believe that things haven't always been like this but 13 years ago girls were still regarded isn't fieri are as worthless children. to be continued into adult it used to be that women weren't allowed to leave the house alone you had to hide behind
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a curtain that was a man's doing they were afraid something would happen to the women but this is changed dramatically. and it's not just thanks to the trees now parents pledge to not marry off their daughters before their 18th birthday. they're also required to educate their daughters in return the village community opens a savings account for each girl. when my granddaughter was born it was if the goddess luck means good fortune have entered our home now we deposit $150.00 into a savings account and she on sunday or gives us twice that amount with this the little one can later pay for her education of course we also plant the tree to buy was an. idea for the trees and the education fund has a very personal motive 13 years ago his own daughter died he doesn't like talking about be exact circumstances afterwards the businessman fell into
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a deep depression he thought a lot about how girls in india are often harassed and disadvantaged he had a monument put up in his daughter's honor but it wasn't enough he wanted to do something more. i planted the tree as a memorial and as a way of coping with my grief but i soon realized that one tree wasn't enough. why we started this program $111.00 trees for each girl it has to be as many as. this area had become a total waste land and now you can see the result. but you know the region around people on tree is full of marble quarries this is how it used to look 13 years and 350000 new trees later a dense forest now surrounds the village it's a blessing for the microclimate and the hot summer and the village of 5000 is now more prosperous because the forest is cultivated local see the broom is directly
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connected to the support for the girls things are changing now there are just as many girls as boys in the classroom 10th grader called polly fall explains why it often looks rather different in the rest of india. boys get an education and girls often don't but that's seen as a burden that's also why so many females are aborted killed right after they're born that's led to that being fall fewer go than boy. 13 years ago mother was one of the 1st people to plant trees for her daughter even though it's already 2 years old at the time her mother wanted to take part when komal goes into the woods today she knows that some of the trees bear her name it's a great feeling when they cannot pick up this. what a benefit i'm committed to the good this is a legacy that reads give us wood and best fruit. we plant them because they are
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useful well i think i am now getting in a sense because our mothers planted them we see them as our brother. is bogus am i to buy is going to let them go under is no famous in india politicians and entire university classes come to him to hear how he succeeded in improving living conditions for the girls and the entire village but the many trees and with little money. the movement of the comfortable but. since he appeared as a guest in a celebrity special on india's version of who wants to be a millionaire the whole country knows him so. at the minute i've been a sort of argue i never would have thought it would become such a big thing for with regard to people are coming here from everywhere. but many of them come to get ideas and they want to do the same thing. it's gone it's
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a great mix of the order of the little guy getting it on men and they thought. when it all gets to be too much for him he withdraws to the forest this is the tree that started it all the tree that he planted for his deceased daughter. she on sunder says that at least her death had a positive effect its daughter would certainly have been proud of her father. this week our worldwide search for tasty snacks takes us to iceland. the icelandic landscapes are spectacular and you don't even have to leave town to enjoy them even from the center of reykjavik there are breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains because it tends to be pretty cold for most of the year but start a coffee there's a small restaurant where you can warm up and enjoy the local speciality soup in
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a bread bowl. tiƫsto this perfect place for this recall is like yesterday was raining apples to apples to 50000 homes sold. here also a few days after the ship's name is unpronounceable for anyone who doesn't speak or slandered so everyone calls him sick. this restaurant is a small family business the 1st opened in 2003 with the same concept it still has to do. with 2 cans of soup we always raising is always one with year one week so for today we're very much to serve as a both of them a cream based sorcerer for through all the wonders of hunger in me to make you hungry and his life more like a proper curfew on unit and next rest to both freshly made every morning soups are served in a bowl made of bread. for our choice because it is also going to be hard so the soup doesn't get so i'll.
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just go to. so i. get it by the fact that. the super sensitive 6 costs around 14 euro fairly cheap by icelandic standards and one reason why this little cafe is so popular with both locals and visitors the city serves about 600 soups a day in winter the weekends get very busy you can see the faces of people who are you need for this leg they do it and that makes me happy that's you know one of the reasons i'm stupid. claim going to cool.
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that's all from global 3000 this time please do drop us a mine with your feedback you can reach us at global 3000 at d w dot com or on facebook d w women see you next week till then take out. e-coli
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in the. margins in cool. air conditioners users should monitor. what the signers in delhi have come up with a new spin on the current system might. really be this something good. in 30 minutes on d w. sure
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of. what unites. what divides. the money let's try to enforce. what binds the continent together. answers and stories aplenty the. spotlight on people and some views. on w. . i'm not often kept that well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whimper that the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics put in here think the future of the country that i don't blame. kenya need to change but if it is grandma
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there plus it's all about a new. hi rachel join me to meet the gentleman from beat up the. post. kill the volume or that's hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would line up 6 of the what's your story ready. what numbers of women especially are victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. another visitor another yes you want to become citizens. in for migrants your platform for reliable information.
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this is d w news live from our lead german lawmakers approved an unprecedented relief package to shield the country's economy from the effects of coronavirus the legislation is aimed at supporting health care and propping up businesses hit hard by the pandemic it also rolls back historic restrictions on taking on new debt. also coming got the streets of india's capital delhi are deserted as the country's 1300000000 people begin a 3 week locked out prime minister.


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